Message From the CEO

The latest Malaysia Investment Performance Report has accounted three EU states as part of the top seven Foreign Direct Investment source of Malaysia.  This makes the EU a strategic partner for Malaysia and critical to the country's development plans.

As one of the most cost-effective entry point into ASEAN, Malaysia is equipped with advanced infrastructure and logistics facilities, easy access to talent with a strong command of the English language, ample space for commercial real estate at affordable rates, and most importantly, government incentives for foreign direct investment. These are the winning factors contributing to the competitive advantage of Malaysia as your next business destination and your gateway to ASEAN.

Through the trade of goods, services, and knowledge expertise, the relationship between EU and Malaysia continues to grow in importance for both blocs. As the voice of EU business in Malaysia, EUMCCI would like to welcome you to do business in Malaysia where we are committed to advocating the necessities of the EU business community with the goal of improving the business environment as well as connecting our members with the right business partner in Malaysia and, perhaps... ASEAN.

Mr Roberto Benetello 
Chief Executive Officer

In May 2003 the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) emerged from the former European Union Business Council (EUBC).

EUMCCI is a public non-profit organisation and is not funded by the EU. The Chamber is financed by projects, events, memberships and corporate partnerships.

The EU-Malaysia Chambers of Commerce & Industry (EUMCCI) has been awarded their fourth project co-funded by the European Commission as the Lead Applicant, Support for European Business in South East Asia Markets (SEBSEAM-M).

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Our Mission

To promote, support and develop EU business interests in Malaysia as well as facilitate trade, commerce and investments between EU and Malaysia. In order to fulfill its mission, EUMCCI carries out activities that will catalyse and stimulate networking of European companies in Malaysia with the Malaysian business community, business associations, relevant ministries, official representations and other Chambers in Asia. These activities are balanced between social and business activities.


  • To develop and enhance EU position and image in Malaysia
  • High profile lobbying/dialogue with Institutions, Government
  • Speed up decisions and actions within the ministries and authorities
  • Promote and market EU technologies, SMEs products and services in Malaysia
  • Facilitate the dialogue between the European private sector and Malaysian government

EUMCCI Committees - Strong Lobbying Tool

The EUMCCI Committees are platforms for EUMCCI Corporate Partners within specific sectors. The Committees meet regularly to discuss issues affecting their particular industries, to hold seminars with guest speakers from the government, academia and business and to lobby the government. Each committee is responsible for writing a Trade Issues and Recommendations paper outlining the most pressing business problems and recommendations for the government to reduce these issues. Every year all Position Papers drafted by the Committees are compiled into a "EUMCCI Trade Issues & Recommendations" paper. This document is circulated among Government administrations, relevant authorities in Malaysia and the European Commission in Brussels.

At the moment EUMCCI has 14 committees. More information about these committees can be found by clicking on ‘Committees' in the main menu.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees you can send an email to eumcci@eumcci.com

Benefits for Corporate Partners

  • Networking opportunities with EU companies, the local business community and authorities
  • Ongoing MIDA, MDTCA and MITI dialogues with common EUMCCI position papers
  • Participation in EUMCCI Sector Committees, raising issues of concern to the relevant bodies
  • Participation in EUMCCI events, business and social gatherings with pan-European coverage at Corporate Partner rates
  • Being part of the European Business Organisations worldwide network (read about EBO Network)
  • Promotion of Corporate Partner companies via EUMCCI publications, Newsletters and website in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and Europe
  • Introduction of new Corporate Partners and a listing on EUMCCI online Corporate Partner Directory
  • Free copy of EUMCCI Review mailed to Corporate Partners quarterly, (Review circulation: 3000 copies)
  • e-Bulletin mailed to Corporate Partners twice a month
  • Company's profile in EUMCCI Business Directory
  • Information on EU-Malaysia trade and investment
  • Virtual office services

Our Bilateral Members

Since 1963, British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) has been a catalyst in providing Malaysian businesses with networking, knowledge exchange, bilateral trading assistance and support. With 360 top member companies with and an outreach of over 190,000 employees, the experience and expertise at BMCC is incomparable at promoting and fostering trade Britain and Malaysia.

The Malaysian Frence Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIFM) is a non-profit and self-funding organization, created in 1991. With a Head Office in Kuala Lumpur and representatives in East Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu), Southern Region (Johor Bahru) and in France, CCIFM is representing over 250 member companies from various sectors, forming a dynamic and powerful business network. CCIFM's main purpose is to develop relations between its members and the Malaysian business community and to encourage, facilitate and support trade and investments between France & Malaysia, by focusing on an efficient business networking and by staying focused on the constant improvement of the services offered to members.

IMBA is the new non-profit organization established with the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and the Italian Trade Agency to strengthen bilateral relations between Italy and Malaysia and create a platform for the business community.  The main objective of IMBA is to promote and represent the interest of the Italian Business in Malaysia, as well as encourage both Italian and Malaysian Members to explore possible investments in Malaysia and Italy and provide representation to the Malaysian Government, its Agencies and other Governmental Bodies on issues of concern to the Members relating to the Italian/Malaysian business community.

Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a non profit private entity that draws its members from both Malaysia and Spain. Our membership consists of various corporations and individuals who are dedicated and involved in the promotion of commercial, economic and industrial relations between Spain and Malaysia.

Joining the Chamber provides members with the opportunity to participate in all the events and activities organized by the Chamber, offers multiple opportunities for building trade relationships and networking, receive our publications and have access to a wide range of services.

The Malaysian-Finnish Business Council (MFBC) is a private, voluntary and non-profit organization established in 2001 with the mission to "foster friendship and promote close and harmonious educational, economical, trade and industrial relations between Malaysia and Finland".

MFBC is still today a private, voluntary and non-profit organization linking the private and public sectors of Malaysia and Finland together, encouraging companies to start doing business in Malaysia, and promoting greater understanding between the countries through open communication and cooperation. One of our key objectives is also to provide a discussion and networking platform for companies and organizations operating in Malaysia.

Our primary function is to provide a forum for Malaysian and Swedish companies and their representatives to discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial issues. We serve to promote trade, finance and industry between Malaysia and Sweden and aim to support the business interests of our members by facilitating commercial and social networking. Business briefings, seminars, company visits and social events are just some of the services we offer to our members and guests.

Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community.

To conduct business relationships among corporate and individual members and to become priority of information sources.

MDBC was founded on October 19th, 1992.

MDBC is a non-profit organisation with the aim of assisting Malaysian and Danish business women and men in their efforts to promote trade, services and investments between Malaysia and the Kingdom of Denmark.

MDBC aims to assist with advice to Danish business people with their families settling in Malaysia, and preliminary advice to Malaysian business people and their family prior to settling in Denmark.

The Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) is all about providing business services, representation, and networking.  We forge business ties between Malaysia and The Netherlands. Established in 1996 by Malaysian and Dutch companies, MDBC is a private, well established, trade support organisation with over 230 member companies. It is considered one of the most active councils in Kuala Lumpur and in Malaysia as a whole.

With the audacious goal of becoming the full fledged service provider for all members and businesses with Malaysian – Dutch links, the MDBC achieves its high standards through the successful execution of its three objectives (Business Services, Representation, and Networking).

Over the years, MGCC has continuously increased its membership, service portfolio and staff. It ranks as the largest European chamber in Malaysia, representing more than 400 Malaysian and German businesses. MGCC is the first contact for German companies expanding to Malaysia, an experienced service provider and the well-respected voice of Malaysian-German businesses.

The MIBN is an organisation whose purpose is to develop and foster trade, services, education and investment between Ireland and Malaysia, while also offering a forum for the exchange of business views and experiences.

For any enquiry please contact us at eumcci@eumcci.com