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Jari Niemi

Mr Jari Niemi

President of Sunborn Marine Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Chairman of the Malaysian-Finnish Business Council
EUMCCI Board of Directors

Mr. Niemi is currently one of the world's most leading experts in Floating Hospitality Products, their development and construction, in which Sunborn Group is globally the undisputed pioneer. With nearly 20 years of experience in Sunborn Group, Mr. Niemi has lead the company´s Import-Export division, Maintenance, Renovation and New Build Division, the development of Sunborn Yacht Hotels and for the past 10 years has been a Development Director for Serviced Senior Citizen Housing development for Ruissalo Foundation.

Mr. Niemi studied Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Turku University of Applied Sciences and served 2 years as President of the University Student Union. Mr. Niemi works as Executive Director and board member for Sunborn Group and the subsidiary Sunborn International Oy – the Sunborn Group's division for Yacht Hotel development and International operations. He is also the President of Sunborn Marine Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based company currently building a luxury cruise vessel in Lumut, Perak.

Mr Niemi was recently elected on his second term as the Chairman of the Malaysian-Finnish Business Council. He is also one of the Directors of the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI).