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Daniel Pans

Mr Daniel Pans

Group Managing Director - Owner
DPO International

As a kid, when home from boarding-school during the school-holidays, Daniel worked on the fruit-orchards of his father in Haspengouw, Belgium. It's here, that he discovered the value of hard work, as well as the challenge of trying to organize multi-ethnic groups into harmonious and efficient teams. With as many as 150 fruit-harvesters at a time, from all corners of the world, sign-language was often the only way to get a message across.

As a young adult, Daniel backpacked around the globe: from herding cattle on a farm in Paraguay to climbing the Machu Picchu in Peru, from swimming in the Nile near Giza to shearing lama-wool in Bolivia, from fishing in the frozen lakes of Finland to ginning cotton in Texas, Daniel was always ready for adventure.

After graduation from the University of Antwerp, with a Masters Degree in Applied Economic Sciences, Daniel left for Tokyo, just before having to go for compulsory military service. The year was 1993. He had made a considerable amount of money from a student-guide he had published during his university years, and secured a 1 year consultancy contract from three Belgian companies: de Tiense Suikerrafinaderij (Tienen Sugar), the Belgian Pork Meat Association and NoordNatie, a stevedoring company from Antwerp, now owned by the Port of Singapore Authority.  It became the start of DPO.

Today, from its headquarters in Malaysia, DPO International operates 20 offices in 8 Asian countries, with almost 250 fulltime employees across the region, generating sales of more than 100 million Euro, as an importer, marketer and local distributor of food to the local food processing-, retail- and foodservice-industry.

As president of the Belgian Malaysian Business Council from 2005-2008, Daniel organized Belgian gala-events in K.L. and flew in many Belgian artists, the likes of Milk Inc., Nicky Vankets, Sioen, Jean Bosco Safari, Frank Fol and many others. In 2008, he was appointed "Advisor to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Trade".

He is married to Isabelle, his wife of 20 years, and has 4 children.