Industry Lobby and Representation Industry Lobby and Representation

January – March 2015, EUMCCI Committees engaging with the Malaysian Key Stakeholder's, Agencies and Members.

Committees Stakeholders/Partners Activity
Aerospace MIGHT Malaysia Aerospace Blueprint 2015-2030.
Automotive MAI Automotive outlook 2015 - GSTm NAP 2014 and Cleaner Fuels Implementation.
Healthcare Deloitte and Customs GST issues.
Human Resources HR Practitioners and Experts Social Media in Hiring - the implications and challenges.
Energy Efficiency Energy Commission Tech Task Force on NEEAP drafting.  
Energy TNB and MGA Energy Forum 2015.
IPR Intellectual Property Rights Officer IPR Malaysia Outlook.
  Trade and Economic Section  
  Delegation of the European Union  
Smart Grid TNB Smart Grid Outlook and collaboration opportunities.