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Stellios Plainiotis

Dr. Stellios Plainiotis

Founder of NEAPOLI Sdn Bhd
EUMCCI Board of Directors

Founder of NEAPOLI and author of one of the first Sustainable Design Handbooks in China, Dr Stellios Plainiotis has a global perspective on best practice Energy Engineering and Design for Sustainability. He is a sustainable design lecturer, consultant and writer in Europe and in Asia.

Prior to moving to Malaysia in 2008, Dr Stellios headed the R&D Department of ΖΕF (UK) LTD, leading the energy and environmental design of some of the most notable sustainable construction projects in Europe and the Middle East, including Crystal Ρalace Park (London, UK), Prague 8 Μasterplan (Czech Republic) and Ηoxton Square (London, UK) with Ζaha Ηadid Architects. In Malaysia, his projects include the new KLIA2- Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) with LKMD Architecture and the new PKNS Corporate Office with Veritas Design Studio.

Stellios holds a PhD Degree in Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling (University of Greenwich, London), and two Master's degrees in Environmental Design and Engineering and in Virtual Environments, both from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London."