Message from CEO

The latest Malaysia Investment Performance Report has accounted three EU states as part of the top seven Foreign Direct Investment source of Malaysia. This makes the EU a strategic partner for Malaysia and critical to the country's development plans.

As one of the most cost-effective entry point into ASEAN, Malaysia is equipped with advanced infrastructure and logistics facilities, easy access to talent with a strong command of the English language, ample space for commercial real estate at affordable rates, and most importantly, government incentives for foreign direct investment. These are the winning factors contributing to the competitive advantage of Malaysia as your next business destination and your gateway to ASEAN.

Through the trade of goods, services, and knowledge expertise, the relationship between EU and Malaysia continues to grow in importance for both blocs. As the voice of EU business in Malaysia, EUMCCI would like to welcome you to do business in Malaysia where we are committed to advocating the necessities of the EU business community with the goal of improving the business environment as well as connecting our members with the right business partner in Malaysia and, perhaps... ASEAN.

Roberto Benetello

Chief Executive Officer

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