The EUMCCI Committees are advocacy platforms for EUMCCI’s direct, bilateral or indirect members of various sectors. The committee members are encouraged to invite key stakeholders (known as “guest members”) to the meetings upon the agreement of the members in order to drive advocacy or any committee's flagship programme, activity or project.

The objectives of the committees are as below:

  • To advocate the necessities of the EU business community with the goal of improving the business environment in Malaysian market.
  • To promote, support and develop EU-Malaysia business interests and investment opportunities in Malaysia.
  • To foster partnerships between EU and Malaysia based on mutual, long term and measurable commitments for sustainable business development.

Committees Listings

Each committee is responsible for writing a position paper outlining the most pressing issues or stumbling blocks in carrying their business in Malaysia as well as to provide recommendations to move forward. Every year, all the position papers submitted by the committees are compiled and published into a "EUMCCI Trade Issues & Recommendations" booklet. This booklet will then be circulated among government administrations, relevant authorities in Malaysia and the European Commission in Brussels.

To date, EUMCCI has nine existing Committees (Aerospace, Automotive, Green Building, Healthcare, Human Resources, Research & Innovation, Internet of Things, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Wine & Spirits) as well as three proposed committees (Business Integrity, EU-Malaysia Trade Facilitation and Logistics & Transportation).

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