Head of Committee Dr. Marco Tieman, CEO, LBB International
Deputy Head [Vacant]


  • To promote long term sustainable logistics and infrastructure in order to give Malaysia a competitive edge in ASEAN.
  • To discuss relevant issues and means to resolve them or at least minimize their impact.
  • To advocate for better policies to reduce stumbling blocks and constraints of the logistic industry through lobbying strategies via seminars, forums and dialogues.
  • To visit operators of the sector and to conduct a regional survey on logistics processes and costs.

Specific Aims

The logistics committee will be focusing on the following priority areas:

  • Food Logistics
  • Halal Logistics
  • Cool Chain Management
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Freight Forwarding
  • City Logistics

For more information about the EUMCCI Logistics Committee, please contact our Advocacy Team at advocacy@eumcci.com or call 03-2162 6298.

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