Internet of Things

Head of Committee Mr. Anand Menon, Vice President, CTO and Head of Engineering ASEAN, Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Deputy Head [Vacant]


  • Advocate for alternative energy sources that are more environmental friendly such as integrated renewable energy
  • Encourage further implementation of smart microgrids
  • Be more involved in the development of smart cities
  • Promote the uptake of distribution automation
  • Raise the public awareness and demand response on smart metering implemented by TNB. 


  • Engage with TNB to improve on the implementation of smart meters
  • Dialogue with MIGHT in May 2017
  • Invite East Malaysian stakeholders for future meetings to develop potential collaborations

Specific Aims

The EUMCCI Smart Grid Committee's goal is to produce a status paper, identify potential areas in line with the country's development plans, support preparation of a road map, participate in national conferences with related topics, initiate dialogues with key stakeholders and give clarity on necessary and relevant technologies.

For more information about the EUMCCI Smart Grid Committee, please contact our Advocacy Team at or call 03-2162 6298.

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