Sector Introduction: 2016

Malaysia is progressively shifting towards a service-based economy. However, Agribusiness, and in particular Food & Beverages (F&B), has been playing a vital role for the economy ever since. Total import in F&B amounted to MYR 17.8 billion in year 2015 and the entire Agribusiness sector has been showing an annual growth of 4.6% in recent years. According to experts, the Malaysian F&B sector was worth MYR 86 billion in 2015.

Reflecting the rising levels of income and urbanisation, domestic consumption is increasing rapidly as well as a solid trend demanding healthier and organic, but also packaged and processed food, is clearly visible. The domestic F&B manufacturers and suppliers are not able to catch up with the ever rising appetites leaving Malaysia to be a F&B importer, also for the coming years. Recent observations also show a rising interest in Food Distribution Technology in Malaysia as well as across ASEAN.

Feeding this trend, EU companies are currently the third largest source of Malaysian imported goods. In high demand is their proven reliability, but equally their experience in providing high quality F&B products and sophisticated packaging and manufacturing machinery for foodstuff.

One of this year's major events in Malaysia will be the EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety. With its 2017 episode, the forum is following its previous years to be a successful platform encouraging further steps towards a perfect shared regulatory environment on the most important elements that govern food safety in Europe and Southeast Asia.

1 | EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety 2016

22nd - 23rd November 2016 | Nexus Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur 


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EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety 2016 Introduction Brochure


Event Summary

The EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety 2016 is the continuation of successful 2014 and 2015 forums that act as a platform to lobby with the Malaysian government via shared voices from EU and ASEAN towards the goal of harmonisation of Food Safety Standards in the region.

This two-day forum aims to facilitate the harmonisation of food safety standards, regulations and legislation in the ASEAN region. Join EU and ASEAN food industry experts, decision makers & thought leaders to encourage the facilitation and formulation of innovative ideas & solutions to be implemented.

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List of speakers: 

Follow event programme for both days, HERE


2 | Bakery, Confectionary & Snacks - Machinery, Equipment and Industry Trend 2016: Symposium & Business Matching Session

The event entitled "Bakery, Flour-Confectionery & Snacks – Machinery, Equipment and Industry Trends 2016", which comprises of a Symposium (19.10.2016) and a Business-Matching Session (20.10.2016) will offer European SMEs the opportunity to present their products and services to players of the Malaysian market and to meet up personally with them to explore the potential of cooperation. 

The symposium brings together EU experts and companies to share their knowledge, expertise, technologies, products, and services to the Malaysian bakery, confectionary and, snacks' industry players. About 80 participants from the Malaysian Bakery and related industry are targeted to attend the Symposium. 

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Event Details/Programme:

Symposium - 19th October 2016 [9:00 am - 5:15 pm]

  • Expect to get valuable insight and expertise from our respected European experts.
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Business Matching - 20th October 2016

  • Explore opportunities and potential of cooperation with our European counterparts in this half-day Business Matching.
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Here are the list of European experts:

1 | EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety (8-9th December 2015)

EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety

This is the 2nd year of the EU - ASEAN forum on Food Safety. During the second edition the aim is to foster collaboration for a positive impact in the regulatory environment for more unified and harmonized food safety standards in the ASEAN region. Expect a lively, dialogue-focused debate concerning shelf life, traceability, labelling and cold chain management. For more information, please visit or click here for the white paper.


2 | 2015 Dairy Product Study

Malaysia is located in the equatorial region and are categorized as being hot and humid throughout the year. Due to this particular reason, the prices paid for dairy products here in Malaysia are much higher than in Europe. Hence, turning Malaysia's dairy market into an attractive market for European companies who are interested to export milk or their manufactured dairy products into Malaysia.

This study points out important import regulations implemented by the Malaysian government and also provides an overview about the most important regulations for potential European dairy companies. Regulations such as the Food Regulation 1985 regarding the labelling requirements, food addictives, and packaging of food products are undeniably crucial for companies who planned to invest in Malaysia. Furthermore, this market study offer an overview of Malaysia's import regulations as well as particular steps in obtaining an import permit for dairy products through the e-permit system.

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3 | 2015 Confectionary Product Study


In brief, this study provides an overview on the most important regulations for potential European confectionary companies aiming to penetrate into the Malaysian market such as the Food Regulations 1985 including the matters of labeling requirements, food additives, packaging, and others related.

Malaysia provides a considerable potential for European confectionary companies to enter its market, as it possesses steady track record in its economic development plus a rapidly expanding confectionary market driven by increasing demand for confectionary products.

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4 | Consumer Awareness Campaign on Social Media

An ongoing campaign which will engage with consumer association and relevant entities, encourage consumers to demand honest and diligent information about the products, highlight innovations and solutions from Europe.

Consumer Awareness Campaign on Social Media


5 | Sectoral Report

White paper writer - in modules like Malaysia, Singapore etc.
Import and Export modules - targeting European SME owners who wanted to import their products into Malaysia/ other ASEAN countries.

 | EU Networking and EU Booklet at Rail Solutions Trade Fair and Conference 7-9th of May 2014.


Market Research Reports on the Sectors in Malaysia.



Concept meeting for the 'EU-Asean Forum on Food Safety' with EU, Malaysian and ASEAN stakeholders, regulators, decision makers in June 2014.



2-day EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety in KL where EU Food Experts present, and debate on, the latest concepts on Cold Chain, Labeling, Traceability and Shelf life to an audience of Malaysian and ASEAN regulators, associations and businesses. Combined with an exhibition of EU food manufacturers solution providers to present the practical solutions to the theoretical concepts. The EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety was held on 13-14 October 2014.



Press Releases on 2014 EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety:

"ARAC pastikan pengeksport patuhi standard", Utusan, 14th October 2014

"Move to employ Euro standards in labelling and shelf life", The Star, 14th October    2014

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