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Sector Introduction: 2016

Following the government's "Vision 2020" to transform Malaysia into a "high income country", until 2020 the Malaysian economy's acceleration is in high demands of value added and advanced technology investments to support a strong infrastructure and transport system. Evidently, the government is investing in major infrastructure, such as the second MRT Line connecting Selayang to Putrajaya (KVMRT) with an overall cost of MYR 23 billion. According to the government, the public budget plan for infrastructure development provides MYR 30.1 billion only for 2016.

Building up on the success story of promoting EU technologies in the railway sector, SEBSEAM-M enlarges its focus this year on the complex and challenging topic of Smart Cities, which enjoys an increasing interest of both the public and the corporate players, relevant for Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan region and other urbanised areas. This offers great opportunities for EU companies, not least because of their experiences made on their core markets. From advanced and high-tech solutions for transport and digital interconnectivity to innovative approaches towards smart waste and resource management, European companies and institutions have always been a vanguard in aiming at establishing a sustainable standard of living for its citizens.

Picking up this trend, the Smart City Seminar taking place in Kuala Lumpur in October 2016, offers a great opportunity for European companies to understand the market in ASEAN region, as well as connect with relevant government stakeholder and private companies on the ground to discover the business potential within this sector.

1 | Cocktail Networking Session at Rail Solutions Asia 2016


Date: 11th May 2016

Time: 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Location: Networking Area, Main Exhibition Area of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Activity Summary:

The Cocktail Networking Session at Rail Solutions Asia 2016 is a high-level networking session between the EU and Malaysian stakeholders in the Rail Industry.

This session is funded by the European Commission's SEBSEAM-M Project and implemented by the EUMCCI.

VIPs that would be present are His Excellency Luc Vandebon, the Ambassador & Head of the EU Delegation to Malaysia and Mr. Azharuddin bin Mat Sah, the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).


2 | European Smart Cities Exchange Forum 2016

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The idea of "Smart Cities" is increasingly gaining more traction in the Malaysian Market, from the different concepts to the different technologies that shape Smart Cities. However, it is often forgotten that to ensure a sustainable and efficient Smart City, there must be an understanding of the adaptation of technological projects to the specific city needs and objectives. Having said that, implementing Smart Cities requires the right support, knowledge, and know-how to ensure Project and City Sustainability. Here at the ESCEF, we invite you to spend a day with experts and current users of Smart Cities to further understand the investment that is needed to make this idea into a sure reality.

We are also offering sponsorship opportunities for this significant event. As a sponsor for this prominent event, you would be given unprecedented exposure, which will undoubtedly influence your market position. Please clickhere for more sponsorship opportunities.

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Date: 4th October 2016
Location: The Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Event Highlights:

  • Expert speakers on Smart Cities Implementations
  • Find out what makes a city "Truly Smart"
  • Technical and investment know-how on Smart Cities
  • Real experiences and examples from current Smart Cities

Special Guests:

  • Alberto Bernal Garcia | INDRA Smart Cities Expert
  • Representatives of:
    • La Coruña City
    • Madrid Local Council
    • The National Traffic Authority of Spain

Expected Attendees:

  • European Smart Cities' Experts
  • Malaysian Government Stakeholders
  • Local Malaysian Companies
  • Local Malaysian Municipalities
  • Local Malaysian Developers
  • Foreign Municipalities

1 | EU Pavilion on the Rail Solutions Asia 2015 (22-24 April 2015, KLCC). 

  • EU SMEs and Big Groups are welcome on the EU Pavilion.  
  • There will be a sponsored networking event with Malaysian stakeholders.
  • Booklet on EU best railway solutions 2015 will be available.

The networking cocktail is co-sponsored by Indra:


2 | European Railway Sector Seminar with an accent in High Speed Train (End October/Early November 2015)

  • Rationale of the seminar: to differentiate European stakeholders (companies, operators, associations etc.) from Asian competitors. Highlight high tech rail system from European stakeholders. 
  • Participants (speakers): European Rail Associations, national operators, construction and engineering companies, suppliers of electrification, signaling and engineering systems and services, supplier of rolling stock (wagons, locomotive), The European Investment Bank, staff from the relevant EU Commission  departments, etc.
  • Target audience → Malaysian stakeholders (Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, MRT Corp etc), both public and private sector.
  • Content
  • One day event with informative panels on segments of the production chain (design, construction, electrification, signaling, rolling stock, financing etc.) 
  • Networking Luncheon and coffee breaks.

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